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"It's incredible! Congratulations! We found the project absolutely extraordinary."
the french streamer domingo
Streamer and host
"I thought I won't play ever again after my stroke but playAbility gave me hope!"

The picture of Cindy
Tekken pro gamer
"I am really amazed by this invention... When technology serves disability in this way, it's wonderful"
The french journalist Samuel Etienne
Samuel Etienne
Journalist & streamer

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playAbility transforms your face gestures, head movement, and even the joystick of your wheelchair into an universal game controller.

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A year of inclusive innovation

In a groundbreaking year, we turned the dream of universal game accessibility into reality. Despite challenges, our community's support led us to launch an innovative public beta in under a year.

Coming up, we're excited to introduce advanced features like voice control, body movement recognition, AI enhancements, and console integration.

Our journey is just beginning.

May 2023: Winning the Gold Medal at Concours Lépine for our first prototype, a testament to our innovation and dedication.

July 2023: Releasing the alpha version of playAbility, welcomed enthusiastically by users and marking a major step in our mission.

Early 2024: Launching our Beta version, an evolving platform offering a new, inclusive way to experience gaming.

Join us in shaping the future of gaming - inclusive, immersive, and innovative.
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How the Windows app works 

playAbility lets you combine your assistive devices and game controllers with natural gestures and moves - using our powerful artificial intelligence

Play in a click

Just download the app and connect your webcam.

Add your custom face controls

Plug your assistive devices and gamepads, then add face gestures or head movements

Play your favorite game

playAbility can be used to play every type of game you can think of: racing, FPS, adventure...

Move your head to control your left and right stick

50 Faces Gestures you can bind to what you want

Convert your wheelchair joystick cursor as a stick


Connects with any assistive device

Connect your wheelchair joysticks, your PS Access or Xbox Adaptive Controller and use them together with face gestures or head movements
Feature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature image

Play Xbox and Playstation using remote play

Connect to your Xbox and Playstation using the remote play to play with
Feature imageFeature image

No gaming computer?
We got your back

We work will all major game streaming services so you can start to play right away without spending hundreds of euro to get a gaming computer
Feature imageFeature imageFeature image


Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
"My left arm is paralyzed, I've been searching for a solution like this for years, it's amazing ❤️❤️❤️"
"Thanks to PlayAbility, I got my first Top 1 in Fall Guys!"
"PlayAbility is just incredible... everything is taken into account to be able to interact with the game... this invention is crazy."
Pro gamer
"My son is in a center that already offers the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Young people with multiple disabilities can already play, but with this type of product, I can't even imagine their happiness! My son would LOVE it!"
Mum of handigamer
"Suffering from a degenerative disease, I know I would need this to play, and honestly, it makes the future seem less bleak!"
"My arm is paralyzed and I can see so many possibilities! I couldn't find any solution before today, it's amazing! Thank you!"
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